Make Your Voice Heard -- School Officials say a boundary adjustment is the first step in McLean High overcrowding relief.


Now is the Time -- First phase in boundary adjustment is scoping.  Two community meetings are planned for 12/2 at Langley High School and 12/4 at McLean High School.  Both meetings begin at 7 p.m. 

The scoping meetings are designed for students, parents and the public to “learn about the process, background information, possible scenarios, and work in small groups to provide feedback to staff about what schools should be considered in the boundary study.”

No decisions on boundary adjustments will be made at the meetings.


Time to Speak Out for Building Up McLean High

While the school system is studying a boundary adjustment, the McLean community can speak out and urge the addition of permanent, protected, quality learning space to McLean High School

The first opportunity will be January 7 at a public hearing to discuss the school system’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the next five years.  The CIP is the main planning document for the construction, renovation and improvement of facilities across FCPS. 

Signups to speak at the hearing begin at 6 a.m. December 20.  Go to FCPS School Board to learn more or email us at

One proposal for overcrowding relief is a Boundary Adjustment between McLean/Langley high schools.  Langley is currently 82 percent under capacity.  Current FCPS Boundary Maps are available HERE.

Officials are also proposing relocating a 14 class modular complex to the McLean High Campus.


The modular would most likely be installed on current site of the 14 trailer classes.  The walk from the building to the modular complex would be at least 30 yards. 

Newly elected school board members will take their seats on January 1. 

* Elaine Tholen -- Dranesville

* Karl Frisch -- Providence



* Abrar Omeish

* Rachna Sizemore Heizer

* Karen Keys-Gamarra






FCPS Superintendent Scott Braband responds to McSPaCES letters asking for administrative or emergency boundary adjustment to relieve overcrowding.  He writes: 

McLean Citizens Association Approves McLean High Boundary Adjustment Resolution (3/6/19)


WUSA9 Reports on Overcrowding (3/6/19)

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McLean High Overcrowding

Too Many Students and More on the Way

  • McLean High School (MHS) currently has 2,255 students which is 262 students over its stated 1,993 capacity (1).


  • By 2023 enrollment will be at 2,505 students, a 10.6 percent increase over 2019 and 22.7 percent over the reported school capacity of 1,993 students (1).


  • The main MHS feeder -- Longfellow Middle School – currently has 660 7th graders and 666 8th graders (10). The 2018-19 freshman class is 600 students (11).


Not Enough Building

  • MHS, at 114 percent over capacity, is currently the fourth most crowded among the 25 high schools in the FCPS system (2).


  • MHS is expected to be over 127 percent of capacity and the most crowded high school in the system by 2022 (8,9).


  • At 127 square feet, MHS is ranked third worst in square footage space allotted per student (2). The worst is Oakton High School at 110 square feet and currently undergoing renovation (2,4). The second worst is Centerville High School at 126 square feet which is scheduled to undergo renovation in 2025 (2,4).​

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No Plans for Building Relief

  • MHS, last renovated in 2004, is not included in any “capacity enhancement” plan or renovation schedule in the current Capital Improvement Program which runs through 2028 (4).


  • There is no indication in any school system document that MHS student population will decrease within the next five years or beyond.


  • There is discussion of a boundary adjustment to reduce student numbers, but there is no scope or time frame for any relief (5).

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